Military PCS

375th Scott Airforce base-Scott Space Force-CGC Cheyenne-CGC Gasconade-Upper Mississipi River-National Guard-small
Moving In

Hughes Group Real Estate is no stranger to the military life and we have lived the PCS struggle.  We are honored to help our active duty military members, reservist or veterans with all the assistance we wish we had.  Our team has many members that can help you seamlessly become a home owner or find a property in the area near Scott Airforce Base, St. Louis Coast Guard Sector or National Guard Base.

Feel free to call or stop in at either of our locations. Ask about our Virtual Walk throughs available as well.

Moving Out of Area?

Hughes Group Real Estate can aid you in your current home.  In addition to selling your home we can make your property into a income generating piece of property with ease.  Hughes Group is a leading property manager in the area and we can screen tenants, collect rents, etc.  For more information, Click here.